Srimad-Bhagavatam classes - Volume #10 (part 8)

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Compiled by Damaghosa dasa (Seattle, USA)

Lecture - Gorakhpur, February 10, 1971

When one is liberated in his original spiritual feature, he becomes equal, just like in svarupa, in form; guna, in quality; and svabhavah, characteristics, exactly like Vishnu. Prayena duta: "It is very difficult to recognize." Just like in this world also, if the President or the king comes in common dress, you cannot understand who is president, who is king and who is a common man. Similarly, in the Vaikuntha world also the inhabitants of Vaikuntha, they have got the same feature of the body, same qualities, and same characteristics. This is described here. Try to understand.

Lecture - Gorakhpur, February 10, 1971

Just like the sunshine is a combination of molecular parts, something shining. Is it not? Similarly, brahmajyoti is combination of the individual parts and parcels of God. But without individual activity they cannot stay in the brahmajyoti for long. Because everyone wants some individual activity. Just like we are sitting together now. After some hour, every one of us will feel what is our individual... Everyone will be engaged in his individual activity. Therefore, according to Bhagavat-siddhanta, aruhya krcchrena param padam tatah patanti. The individual soul who simply tries to merge into the effulgence, Brahman effulgence... That position is attained after many, many years' austerity and penances. Aruhya krcchrena.

Lecture - Gorakhpur, February 10, 1971

Prabhupada: The change is taking place in this material world. There all tastes are fixed up, rasa, eternal, eternal rasa. Every one of us has a different taste of associating with Krishna, and that will be realized when one is liberated.

Hamsaduta: So that's fixed already.

Prabhupada: Yes. When you are liberated, you will understand in which way you are related with Krishna. That is called svarupa-siddhi. But that is attained when you are actually perfect in devotional service.

Lecture - Gorakhpur, February 10, 1971

Unless one is convinced that "Krishna will give me protection," so how he can surrender? There is no question of surrender. Avasya raksibe krsna visvasa-palana. Bhaktivinoda Thakura has said to be firmly convinced: "Then Krishna will give me all protection." Therefore surrender is perfect. Anukulyasya sankalpah pratikulyam vivarjanam. Surrender means one should simply accept favorable service to Krishna and reject anything which is unfavorable, and then next is avasya raksibe krsna visvasa-palana: "And to be firmly convinced that 'Krishna will give me all protection.' "Therefore, instead of "trying to protect myself," a devotee should always remain dependent on Krishna. That is saranagati. And to consider oneself that "Now I am in the association of Krishna," these are different items of saranagati.

Lecture - Gorakhpur, February 10, 1971

Hamsaduta: So Prabhupada, a neophyte devotee, he may think it might be very nice to be Krishna's friend, but he may actually be a blade of grass and he'll be fully satisfied when he comes to that stage.

Prabhupada: No. If he thinks like that, then he should cultivate that knowledge in that way. Yes. That is described in The Nectar of Devotion and Teachings of Lord Chaitanya.

Hamsaduta: But that may not be his actual position. It may be something else.

Prabhupada: No. But when, at the time of devotional service, if such impetuses come, that means he has got such relation. It is to be developed. That's all. That means the actual relationship with Krishna is coming out gradually. It is being developed. So one has to develop it, following the footsteps of the Krishna's friends in Vrindavana. These are described here. Yes. Not directly. No. You cannot say that "I have become Sudama." No. You have to follow the footsteps of Sudama. "I have become mother Yasoda." No. You have to follow the footsteps of mother Yasoda. That is real position. And as soon as you say, "I am Yasoda. I am Su...," then it is as good as the Mayavadis say, "I am God." You see? So dasa-dasanudasa. That process should be followed.

Devotee (2): Dasa-dasanudasa.

Hamsaduta: Suppose someone is satisfied simply being related with the spiritual master.

Prabhupada: That is everyone's business. Everyone's business. That is not a particular taste. That is the duty of all devotees.

Revatinandana: Srila Prabhupada, you are like Radha-krsna-duta. You are a devotee of Radha-Krishna.

Prabhupada: I am not Radha-krsna-duta. My Guru Maharaja is Radha-Krishna...

Revatinandana: Well, we would say that you were.

Prabhupada: No, no, no. My Guru Maharaja is Radha-krsna-duta. I am simply trying to carry his order. That's all. I am not Radha-krsna-duta.

Revatinandana: But we have become your followers.

Prabhupada: That is your duty. Dasanudasa. That is the process.

Revatinandana: Somebody else might become a follower of a devotee of Laksmi-Narayana.

Prabhupada: It is not that I am directly connected with Krishna or Vishnu. I am directly connected with my spiritual master, and my business is to carry out his order. That's all. If I can do that well, that is my purpose. That's all.

Revatinandana: But if somebody else may become, say, a devotee of Laksmi-Narayana, then is it to be understood that he, then, because he has become devotee of a follower of Laksmi-Narayana, he may come to associate with Laksmi-Narayana?

Prabhupada: No, no. It is not that. A devotee is not particular follower of Laksmi-Narayana, not of Krishna. One who is pure devotee, he knows both the line is as perfect. He may be, a spiritual master is devotee of Radha-Krishna, but his disciple may be a devotee of Laksmi-Narayana. It does not hamper. It does not matter, because They are the same. Ramadi-murtisu kala-niyamena tisthan. They are all one. When we say "Krishna," He includes everyone - Rama, Narayana, Vishnu, everyone.

Lecture - Gorakhpur, February 11, 1971

Prabhupada: ...raksanti tad-bhaktimatah parebhyo mattas ca martyan atha sarvatas ca. So invisible Visnudutas, they are always traveling. Just like Vishnu, Lord Vishnu, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He is all-pervading, He is everywhere, but our present eyes cannot see Him, material eyes. Just like we cannot see even the living entity when he is passing through this body, leaving this body aside, very small. We cannot see. Atah sri-krsna-namadi na bhaved grahyam indriyaih. By the dint of your..., by the strength of your senses, the present material senses, it is not possible to appreciate sri-krsna-namadi. Beginning from Krishna's holy name.

(....To be continued)

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